Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony 茶道 with Yumie Farringer


Please join us for a mindful hour on the cusp of summer to appreciate the transience of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony led by Yumie Farringer.

Tea began thousands of years ago as a medicine and grew into a beverage. It seems to be such a banal thing in our daily life that we often simply forget to activate our senses when drinking it.

You will get to experience this ancient tradition firsthand, and after the tea ceremony is finished, you will make and sample your own green tea.

The $44 ticket will include your own custom ceramic Nancy Kwon matcha bowl exclusive to this event and your own Leaves & Flowers organic ceremonial grade matcha to take home. You have the option to just attend the ceremony without the gifts offered, as well.

Yumie began learning the ritualistic tea ceremony as a high-schooler in Japan but stopped when she moved to Oklahoma in her mid-20s to be with her husband, whom she met at a military base. Two decades passed before she started practicing again. “I wanted to introduce Japanese culture to the people living here... The tea ceremony is very traditional, and its history goes back almost 400 years.” 


Date: Saturday 25th of May
Time: 2:00pm
Menu: Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha + Japanese Wagashi with sweet bean paste 


Space is limited to just 12 guests, tickets are non-refundable.

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