Signature Candle


Our signature candle; hand-poured in the shop in our custom blended, house favorite, rose patchouli scent.

No petrochemicals, no additives, no soot. A truly safe-to-burn candle that purifies the air as it burns.

No-nonsense ingredients: our own unique blend of U.S.-grown, non-GMO, sustainable soy wax and organic beeswax, cotton wicks, non-toxic fragrance, Patchouli essential oil.

Read in-depth about our ingredients here.

On the go? Try our Signature Travel Candle.


Solare essentials are made in-house using wholly natural ingredients in line with our ethos of a refined, sustainable, and multi-functional lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I bought the rose patchouli scent and
am obsessed! It smells so fresh and clean without being overpowering. I’m picky with scents and this is my new fav - I only wish it came in a giant size! Can’t wait to try the other scents.

extremely good candle

this is the only candle i will buy ever again, i'm already on my fourth. i'm super picky about scents and the rose patchouli makes me melt, nothing compares.

The best

This is the only candle I buy anymore. The organic soy and amazing smell are so clean. Other candles just seem toxic after burning these. Such a great gift, too!


I have bought no less than ten candles from shopkeeper and candlemaker Angela Hodgkinson. I've even written about them for a newspaper, back when she made under another business name. Most recently, a gave a bunch away to my bridesmaids. They are my absolute favorite—clean burning, so you don't feel bad about burning in your house (or giving to someone else to burn), made with quality essential oils, and the scent combo of rose-patchouli is awesome, light, heavenly.

Your support means the world to us! Thanks, Liz! :)

Customer Reviews

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