Signature Oil


A gentle, multi-use and lightweight blend. Use as a daily moisturizer, an oil cleanser, or as a base for gua sha tools. Balances, tones, calms and nourishes all skin types. Our go-to basic facial oil.

1 oz

FOR: All Skin Types
100% Organic Ingredients: seed oils of apricot, avocado, hemp, coconut; rose de mai extract, sandalwood + patchouli essential oils.

Read in-depth about our ingredients and their properties here.

*We use a gentle 2% dilution of essential oils/extracts, making this oil safe for daily use by all ages, pregnant women, and those with sensitive skin.

USE: drop a few drops into palms, pat lightly into skin. Can also be used as a daily cleanser or makeup remover.


Solare essentials are made in-house using wholly natural ingredients in line with our ethos of a refined, sustainable, and multi-functional lifestyle.

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