Leaves and Flower Grasslands Tea at Solare
Leaves and Flower Grasslands Tea at Solare

Grasslands Tea

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This blend is inspired by the nutritive cover crops of Northern California. We love the earthy sweetness of barley and clover paired with the brightening notes of thyme and orange peel. Surely this blend will transport you to a lush summer field, and all the feelings therein. All botanical ingredients come from Northern California.

20-22 servings per 4oz package.

Ingredients: toasted barley, thyme, red clover, orange peel

Flavor notes: earthy, sweet, peppery

To enjoy: infuse 6g in 8oz hot water for 5 minutes.

Berkeley based tea company, Leaves and Flowers offers a unique selection of handcrafted herbal infusions and premium small batch teas. Utilizing fresh herbs and florals from local farms or sourced from sustainable farms around the world, each botanical blend is hand-picked then skillfully oxidized, pan-fired, then rolled or fermented to achieve exceptional quality and flavor. Each blend is inherently loose leaf and sustainably harvested.