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#SOLAREWOMAN • Hannah Faith

Women are why we created Solare. Women evoke a strength, creativity and natural, raw beauty that deserves celebrating.

#SOLAREWOMAN is a glimpse into the lives of some of the most inspiring women we know. 

DJ, Art Director, Photographer, and Floral/Space Designer, Hannah Faith, has given a new meaning to expression as a form of self-love and it just so happens to enlighten all the senses. Read along as she talks with us about the women who inspire her, self-care, and on leading an intentional life in a world of burnout.

 Hannah Faith #solarewoman


Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity?


Extremely important. I feel through self-care it connects me closer to my inner core, where I am more focused and aligned with my divine self. I feel a lot more balanced and assertive when it comes to my artistry. When I feel at harmony within myself I feel it transcends to whoever is around me.
"Every morning I like to take 20 minutes to meditate, then I take a mindful shower and set my intentions for the day. How I start my morning creates a ripple effect for how the rest of the day will turn out for myself. Overall I am very grateful for life." 

 Hannah Faith #solarewoman


Can you speak to the importance of living intentionally and share with us your daily rituals?

There is nothing worse than going through a complete burnout, it strips away the joy of why you began what you loved in the first place. I feel it’s so important to be present and aware of your physical and mental wellness, we can tend to slip into a state of overworking ourselves without tending to the finer details our bodies need.

A lot of the time when I feel this way I take time to meditate, read a book, listen to my favourite artists, light some candles to make my home smell good, take a stroll in nature, eat a healthy meal, smile at another person on the street, and take time to remind myself of who I am and reaffirm myself to work smoothly for a lifetime of peace.


#solarewoman Hannah Faith O.


What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?  

Mothers. Stella Simona, Alex Elle, Taja Janel - to name a few. These women are extraordinary mothers - owning their divine creativity and embodying a life of simplicity, family and wellness and I’m ever grateful for women like themselves.