Women are why we created Solare; we evoke a strength, creativity and natural, raw beauty that deserves celebrating.

#SOLAREWOMAN is a glimpse into the lives of some of the most inspiring women we know.



Art director Alice Fox embodies a natural beauty that we strive for at Solare. Her intentional and minimal approach to life & home evoke an ease that brings us back to the basics in the most beautiful way.

Read on for her outlook on beauty, motherhood and those who influence her most.



Part of the Solare mission is finding abundance in scarcity, whether that means using fewer ingredients in our beauty routines, paring down what’s in our environments, or being thankful/mindful in our days. How do you incorporate simplicity and/or nature into your everyday routine?

Simplicity of routine is key for me, especially as a new mother. My 'mom uniform' has narrowed down to a handful of easy basics that are comfortable and indestructible. Not using make-up or doing anything to my hair saves a lot of time and space too.

My home is less than 900 sq ft, which necessitates minimal clutter, but is tough to maintain with so little space. We tend toward white, light wood and muted colors to keep it warm but visually peaceful. I think of our home as a place to reset and recharge after being out in the world, so it's important to keep a mellow vibe. We light candles, burn palo santo and keep the lights low. My husband is the better cook, but we both make very simple meals with a few good ingredients. I love living in Austin because we can open windows and spend time outside most of the year.

Living with my one-year-old daughter forces me to slow down and be present, which is such a gift! We spend a lot of time in nature observing the leaves and birds, feeling the rocks and trees.



What woman inspires strength, creativity, and/or intentional living to you and why? 

I am lucky to have several women friends who live their lives with super honed intention, which carries through to every aspect of their livestheir homes, creative work, parenting, cooking, consumption of goods. They are my inspiration every day.






Photos courtesy of Jesse Kamm, Miranda Bennett, and Alice Fox.