1. Organic Apricot Seed Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids (omega’s 3, 6 + 9), this oil soothes problematic skin through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains vitamin A, a compound believed to help balance and clarify skin tone by binding to pigment and carrying it out of the cells - this property may help lighten age spots, minimize the appearance of scars or blemishes, and lighten dark under-eye circles. Vitamin E is highly balancing, aiding in returning skin hydration to its natural state.

2. Organic Avocado Seed Oil

Rich in phospholipids, vitamins/anti-oxidants (A, B1, B2, B5, D and E), minerals (such as the youth-mineral potassium), essential fatty acids (omega’s 3, 6 + 9), and fruit acids (alpha hydroxy), this exceptionally light, natural oil possesses healing properties and is renowned for its ability to quickly penetrate the outer layers of skin and rehydrate without leaving a greasy residue. This oil significantly increases the amount of collagen in the skin, which normally decreases as we grow older. Of all the fruits, avocado oil contains the highest amount of sterolins—a protein proven to reduce the appearance of age spots, scars and sun damage.

3. Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil possesses excellent antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It is made up of medium- chain fatty acids (MCFAs), including capric acid, caprylic acid, and the powerful lauric acid. A luxuriously rich moisturizer, it is ideal for both dry, damaged skin, and oily, acne-prone skin. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, and is particularly high in vitamin E.

4. Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids (omega’s 3, 6 + 9) carrying powerful anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Quickly penetrating and supportive in the regeneration of healthy skin cells, this oil is excellent for dry or damaged skin. *Hemp does not contain psycho-active properties and should not be confused with CBD or THC.

5. Organic Rose de Mai Extract

Rose de Mai is rich in Vitamin C and contains powerful anti-aging and healing properties. It strengthens and tightens collagen in the skin while providing hydration.


Distilled from the dried leaves of the Patchouli plant, this essential oil carries an earthy, grounding scent while providing anti-inflammatory and balancing properties.

7. Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil

Made from steam-distilled wood from the center of the Sandalwood tree, this oil contains a high amount of α-santalol, found to be extremely regenerative in skin restoration. Containing natural astringent properties, it can help to even skin tone, balance problematic skin, and reduce pore size. Also rich in antioxidants, this oil fights free radicals caused by UV rays and pollution that can cause fine lines and wrinkles.