White Sage, Cedar & Rose Hand Sanitizer


With great respect to both the Earth's gifts and the indigenous people's knowledge that came long before us, we have developed a protective sanitizer that gently provides antimicrobial (white sage) and skin-soothing qualities (cedarwood and rose). In a pocket-sized spray bottle, we'd like to think this is the kind of pandemic-protection our muse Georgia O'Keeffe would have thrown together and discreetly tucked into her waistband.

Blended in small batches in accordance with FDA, WHO, and CDC COVID-19 recommendations, our premium sanitizer also provides a subtle, ghostly scent that lingers long after the alcohol does its job.

0.5 fluid ounces in a 20mL refillable & recyclable glass bottle with a cotton paper label made with the use of wind-energy.


99% isopropyl alcohol (blended to 60%), responsibly-sourced and certified organic white sage* (Salvia apiana) hydrosol, certified organic rose hydrosol, cedarwood essential oil

*White sage grows in the arid regions of southwest California and in northwestern Mexico. This revered plant has a long history of use for its aromatics amongst tribes living in the region where it grows. In an effort to preserve wild populations for future generations and the cultures that have a long history of stewarding them, we use organically cultivated white sage in our hydrosol.

Our white sage hydrosol is carefully and expertly cultivated in the Pacific Northwest via water-steam distillation of fresh, cultivated Salvia apiana.

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