Mohinders Dark Leather Woven City Slippers


Cushioned footbed with natural crepe rubber sole suitable for outdoor wear. Cavani hand-weaving creates a durable, non-adhesive bond between upper and midsole. Made by highly skilled, fairly-compensated artisans in India.

This leather oil formula is made of plant oils, beeswax, and propolis. It saturates Mohinders' original hand-tanned, myrobalan leather for a deep chocolate brown. Oiling doesn't affect the fit of your City Slippers (in fact, it often makes them easier to break in). Color is long-lasting, and they can be re-oiled down the road for a refreshed dark color.

Made with Indian botanical tanning agents and zero chemicals, this leather is especially raw - no polish, no chrome, no softeners. It’s stiff at first, like raw denim. With a bit of time and wear, it develops a rich patina, gets softer, and forms to your foot. Half sizes should size up.

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