Isa Cuff - Sterling Silver


Named after the visionary Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, the Isa Bracelet pairs a refined organic shape with a uniform, complimentary base. The integrated, almost invisibly engineered closure lends itself to a common theme in Japanese architecture - closures and transitions designed into the material, not separate from it. The custom hinge features signature M. Hisae beads for an easy-on, easy-off tension closure. Solid-cast segments feel perfectly weighty, and proportions feel silky and elegant.

Inside diameter is 2.2" x 1.9". Small: 7.25" total circumference. Medium: 7.75" total circumference. The top bar is 6mm at its widest. The bottom bar is 3mm wide. Invisible closure with tension hook at one end and bead hinge at the other.

M. HISAE is the jewelry portfolio of artist Michelle Hisae Meronek, blending concepts of art, object, and earth into symbols of commitment, to self and others. Pieces are designed as a blending of disciplines and cultures that influence her the most - her Japanese and Eastern European heritage, travels throughout the American Southwest, Modernist and Bauhaus art, furniture, and architecture, feminine-masculine inquiries, and her continuous study of terra-spirituality. Castings are produced locally and from recycled metals.