5 Flowers Face Mist


This blend of handcrafted organic plant hydrosols is a breath of fresh air. Each spritz offers you the beautiful and healing aromatics of five medicinal flowers for the skin. Hydrosols are gentle for the skin, hydrating, and contain trace amounts of essential oils that offer benefits to the skin.

Ingredients: Rose flowers, lavender flowers, yarrow aerial, calendula flowers, rose geranium aerial, rose extract, glycerin
Use: Spritz on the face and neck after applying your favorite oil or serum or use anytime throughout the day to refresh and hydrate the skin. We love sticking this one in the fridge and using it on hot summer days.


Zizia is handmade in small batches in Los Angeles by Abbe Findley. These products are made with ethically wildcrafted or organically sourced herbs and oils; there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added. Abbe's mission through Zizia is to provide high quality and accessible herbal products, care, clinics, and outreach services to underserved communities in Los Angeles.