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  • Alyson Fox

    On the outskirts of Austin, Texas in a glass and concrete clad house - lives artist and designer Alyson Fox. Talented across all mediums, we are most influenced by her take on beautiful and simple design, and how the two seamlessly blend together in her world.
  • Lucy Vincent

    As sustainable as it is effective, Lucy Vincent's New Zealand hair and skin-care line Sans [ceuticals], has changed the way we view self-care.
  • Milena Silvano

    Milena Silvano - designer of the highly coveted one-off and made-to-order sheepskin pieces - took a minute to share with us how she weaves simplicity into her everyday life and on staying inspired amidst her bustling career.
  • Hannah Faith

    DJ, Art Director, Photographer, and Floral/Space Designer, Hannah Faith, has given a new meaning to expression as a form of self-love and it just so happens to enlighten all the senses.
  • Chrissy Leavell

    With a fondness for vintage garments and mindful production, Chrissy Leavell brought us her line of timeless and well-made Italian silk knits through Une Heures last year.
  • Ally Walsh

    Model and co-founder of Canyon Coffee, Ally Walsh, lives and loves in Los Angeles. When she's not traveling for photo shoots she's off curating coffee guides around the globe. Mellow, confident, and endearing - Ally shows us the importance of rituals as a means of self-care.
  • Leigh Patterson

    You probably know Austin-based creative, Leigh Patterson, as the woman behind Moon Lists, a contributor to Apiece Apart Woman, as well as many other writing, editingand creative direction projects. Her feminine, understated social media presence and subtle approach to design always leave us feeling grounded and refreshed.
  • Abrielle Stedman

    Abrielle often inspires us through her spirited approach to life, career, and everything in between. She epitomizes confidence in a laid-back, California-way and emulates natural beauty that needs no taming.
  • Emma Allen

    Emma Allen has opened our eyes to a more refined take on natural beauty; one that appeals to everyone and relies on but one jar of miracle oil.
  • Alice Fox

    Art director Alice Fox embodies a natural beauty that we strive for at Solare. Her intentional and minimal approach to life and home evoke an ease that brings us back to the basics in the most beautiful way.
  • Karin Haas

    Karin Haas lives and works in New York City. We're enamored with her classic style and muted palette in both art and dress. Her simplified and dedicated approach to wellness reminds us that self-care can make way for creativity to flourish.

  • Rachel Corry

    One of the first women we reached out to was Portland-dweller Rachel Corry, founder of Rachel Sees Snail Shoes, Pansy, and Fauvist. From her passionate use of color to her one-of-a-kind handcrafted shoes, Rachel infuses purpose and effortless style in everything she does.