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Ann Edgerton

Interior designer and stylist, Ann Edgerton offers a minimal, functional approach to design (and life). Refreshing as it is beautiful, her work inspires us often and we enjoyed the chance to chat with her about her routine outside of work and on being a new mother.

Ann Edgerton #solarewoman


 Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity?

I wouldn't say self-care is something that comes super natural to me, before becoming a mother it wasn't something I consciously strived for. It was just part of the way I functioned - I guess I didn't even realize it was self-care. Ever since I had my daughter, Sage, making space for myself has been something I have had to work towards and plan for. Losing most of my spare time has made me realize how important it is for me to be alone: to think, move my body, stare at a tree, etc. 

Ann Edgerton #solarewoman Much of your work surrounds the importance of living intentionally - how does this translate into your daily life?

I have always been very sensitive to my surroundings and I wish I could say it is something I worked hard to learn, but I think most of the way I live is just my nature. I try and always check back in with myself to make sure how I am living and what I am living with brings me joy. It takes lots of uncluttering and lots of choosing not to buy something. This has gotten much harder since having a child.


How do you define self-care - what are some of your self-care rituals?

I think self-care is knowing the little idiosyncrasy about yourself - the jokes, music, art, spaces that make you feel alive. It takes time and space to allow yourself to really find these things. Self-care is flipping through a new art book before your family gets up, it's laying in the hammock for the extra 30 minutes when you really should be working, it's taking 40 minutes to follow that internet wormhole to a new comedian.


Ann Edgerton #SOLAREWOMAN 

What women inspire strength, creativity, and/or intentional living to you and why? 

I think Georgia O'keefe optimizes what it means to know yourself and trust your own strength and creativity. It took her out to the desert alone, where she built the most beautiful life that has inspired so many people. I recently got to see her home in Abiquiu, and it was truly transformative for me.

It is such an inspiring time to be a woman, and it seems like every day some new amazing, powerful woman blows my mind with her wisdom and strength - Frances McDormand, Gloria Allred, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Julie Oliver.

am also surrounded by a very close and loving group of woman in Austin who have found a way to live creatively among each other without competition. Many of us have become mothers around the same time and I have been inspired by seeing the way they have learned how to balance continuing to be fully human and take care of their families and careers.

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