• Ann Edgerton

    Interior designer and stylist, Ann Edgerton offers a minimal, functional approach to design (and life). Refreshing as it is beautiful, her work inspires us often and we enjoyed the chance to chat with her about her routine outside of work and on being a new mother.
  • Katra Awad

    California-based, self-taught jewelry designer, film photographer, and printmaker Katra Awad has a background as rich in culture as it is in love.

  • Heather Culp

    Photographer and co-founder of Mercado Sagrado, Heather Culp is living out our mission of strength and creativity by way of self-care.
  • Kate Brien Kitz

    New York-born and California raised, stylist Kate Brien spends her time lately awaiting the arrival of her new son. In their 1920's beach house they have made a home where self-care is front and center with muted tones, lots of texture, their favorite belongings, and space for rest and recoup.
  • Jodi Balfour

    You probably recognize her as Jackie O. from The Crown, or from the hit show Rellik - but we know Jodi Balfour as the loveable South-African native turned Californian with a knack for beautiful design and showing us the beauty of the West Coast.
  • Lauren Trend

    Australia-based founder of Self Practice, Lauren Trend has opened our eyes and hearts to a new way of taking care of ourselves. Through research and interviews with other women - she has loosely defined what wellness and self-care is - and the answer is not so complex as you might think. 
  • Julie Ahn

    Brooklyn based artist, Julianne Ahn is the woman behind the handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic line Object and Totem. Her work is inspired by "the nuances of meditation formed between geometry and the raw mechanics of matter".
  • Julie Cloutier

    Ceramicist Julie Cloutier has long-been showing us how to live life as it's meant to be lived; among the wildflowers, with passion in hand, steady but not slow - and intentional, always intentional. 
  • Jeana Sohn

    Korean photographer, artist, and founder of the self-named clothing line Jeana Sohn creates a life of minimal and elegant design in every aspect.
  • Alyson Fox

    On the outskirts of Austin, Texas in a glass and concrete clad house - lives artist and designer Alyson Fox. Talented across all mediums, we are most influenced by her take on beautiful and simple design, and how the two seamlessly blend together in her world.
  • Lucy Vincent

    As sustainable as it is effective, Lucy Vincent's New Zealand hair and skin-care line Sans [ceuticals], has changed the way we view self-care.
  • Milena Silvano

    Milena Silvano - designer of the highly coveted one-off and made-to-order sheepskin pieces - took a minute to share with us how she weaves simplicity into her everyday life and on staying inspired amidst her bustling career.