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Whoever said print is dead hasn't met New Zealand based founder and editor of Anyonegirl, Yasmine Ganley. Using multi-disciplinary elements that combine design, motherhood, sexuality, and style through the female form - her work transcends this current political climate and is a constant source of inspiration for us.

Yasmine Ganley for Solare

Self-care is crucial to supporting creativity. How do you define self-care; what are some of your self-care rituals?

I feel like I don't have a very good grasp on this concept lately. Becoming a mum has totally thrown any balance I had in my life, but I am working towards creating space for self-care to happen because I know how important it is.

I get a few hours every week sans baby, and aside from work or daily errands, I am conscious to leave at least one of those hours to myself to do whatever I please. This time is like a little gift to myself. Last week I spent it at the library, this week I sent myself to my Osteopath. On a whole, I care for myself by eating fresh produce, wearing essential oils, swimming in the ocean and reading great books. 

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What’s inspiring you lately, and why?

My friend Lauren sent me a selection of essays on children's learning and art as therapy, which has been so interesting to read through, especially now being a mother. I feel a responsibility to expose my daughter to as much of the world as possible, and am loving watching her explore things for the first time, it makes it feel like a rediscovery for myself in a way.

I am also reading Renata Alder's Pitch Dark. I love her style of writing, it has fantastic pace and use of repetition. She has a way of dismantling the truth and putting it back together in a way that is not untrue, but gives a raw perspective. I can only read so much of her writing in one go, but I feel energized and inspired by her work.

How do you prep for the changing of the seasons?

Gardening. It is spring here in New Zealand so we've just planted apple, apricot, fig and citrus in our garden. We made strawberry and blueberry pots too.

Images by Greta van der Star for Anaak 

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