Mānuka Honey use during pregnancy

By Gabrielle Mirkin of Activist Mānuka Honey

"I’ve received a lot of questions recently regarding pregnancy and Mānuka Honey. I personally have used Mānuka Honey all through my first and second pregnancy with great results. Many of my pregnant friends and customers are using Activist Mānuka too. Here are some of my top uses for Mānuka Honey during pregnancy:"

Gabrielle Mirkin, Activist Manuka Honey

IMMUNE HEALTH: Apart from prenatal vitamins, there are not many herbs and supplements that should be used during pregnancy. I take a teaspoon a day of Activist to keep my immune system strong and at first sign of a sore throat. I have not been sick once this entire pregnancy over the wintertime.

ENERGY: I have also found taking Mānuka Honey every day has improved my day-to-day energy and gives me stamina. I incorporate 300+ MGO Mānuka into smoothies and soaked overnight oats. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, and because you only need such a small amount of Mānuka to reap the benefits, it’s a perfectly sweet addition to foods and smoothies.

TEAS + TONICS: I have been drinking a lot of red raspberry leaf and nettle tea recently. I make an infusion which I steep overnight and then add a small amount of Mānuka to this as the nettles are quite bitter.

SKINCARE: I use Activist nightly as a face mask. My skin has been so dry during pregnancy and over the wintertime. I either leave this mask on for 20 minutes while taking a salt bath in the evening or apply it after a shower while I’m cooking dinner. Great as a 100% natural face cleanser and spot treatment too during pregnancy. Mānuka Honey is extremely hydrating for the skin, helping to retain moisture; it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therefore mitigating acne, dryness, and scarring.

SKIN IRRITATIONS: As your belly grows, the skin around your belly button can become quite stretched and irritated. I have found Mānuka Honey to soothe the redness, itchiness, and irritation that I have experienced in recent weeks.

DIGESTION: Changes in hormones during pregnancy can cause digestion to be slowed. Later in pregnancy, the enlarged uterus crowds the intestines, which further decreases the speed of digestion. This unfortunately often translates into uncomfortable cramping, bloating and excess gas for pregnant women. Mānuka is wonderful for supporting the natural digestive microbiome and keeping the digestion flowing properly. This is because it contains oligosaccharides, which have a prebiotic effect on the gut and promote the proliferation of good flora.

Lastly, because being pregnant is such a precious time of nurturing, having transparency and understanding of what I am putting into my body is so crucial to me. Mānuka Honey is a special gift from Mother Nature.

As always, please consult your healthcare provider to make sure Mānuka Honey is right for you and your baby during pregnancy.