Lucy Vincent

As sustainable as it is effective, Lucy Vincent's New Zealand hair and skin-care line Sans [ceuticals], has changed the way we view self-care.
She shared with us the importance of ritual, how self-care fuels the brand and vice versa, and the qualities of women around her that keep her inspired.
Lucy Vincent #solarewoman interview Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity?

The idea of personal rituals is at the heart of Sans [ceuticals] and has always fascinated me. They have been widely researched for the roles they play in our lives and the therapeutic effect they have connecting body and mind, enhancing creativity, and making us more effective in our everyday.

We can sometimes tend to think of rituals as grand, candle-lit, Gregorian chanting feats. But actually its quite the opposite. They are more personal, seemingly insignificant, and habitual. For me, self-care is part of this and essential in supporting both my sanity & creativity!  

Lucy Vincent for Solare

Can you speak to the importance of living intentionally and share with us your daily rituals?

For me, self-care means restoration and comes in a really simple form… having time out with a cookbook or a bath on a winters night. It is usually solitary time that's restorative because it’s something I very rarely get to do.

Because my time allocation to beauty is pretty minimal, when I get the chance, I love a good soak in the bath, face masque and overhaul. This can be as rare as a comet sighting so it's a real treat when I get to do it. 

Sans ceuticals at Solare

What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?  

I feel very blessed to be surrounded by incredible female friends. Women who are incredibly generous, smart, supportive and non-judgmental. These qualities make them exceptional mothers, business women, friends and an inspiration to me every day.


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