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Australia-based founder of Self Practice, Lauren Trend has opened our eyes and hearts to a new way of taking care of ourselves. Through research and interviews with other women - she has loosely defined what wellness and self-care is - and the answer is not so complex as you might think.

Lauren Trend of Self.Practice for Solare Woman Interview

Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity?  

Self-care, or as I like to define, self-practice - is not just a means of support as far as my creativity is concerned - it is a means to a life whereby all parts of myself (creative, intellectual, physical and emotional) are acknowledged. I prioritize self-care and practices that consider and are conducive to my wellbeing so that my creative practice can flourish. It's something I believe so strongly about - and this is realized through my work as Editor/Founder of Self Practice.

My intention with Self Practice has been to co-create an online space, community rather, that encourages self-reflection and inspired action. A place of which its intention is to celebrate various modes and definitions of wellness, to ultimately serve our creativity.

Lauren Trend for Solare  

Part of the Solare mission is finding abundance in scarcity, whether that means using fewer ingredients in our beauty routines, paring down what’s in our environments, or being thankful/mindful in our days. How do you incorporate simplicity and/or nature into your everyday routine?

I agree with this mission wholeheartedly. Simplicity and spaciousness are two feelings upon which my goals, rituals and daily practices are centered upon.

I am always asking myself - how can I simplify this? Am I feeling spacious? 

To ensure the answer is a resounding yes; yoga, time with friends, time in nature, partaking in creatively charged conversation, a clean living space, researching/writing and design are of paramount importance.

Lauren trend for solare

What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?  

Every woman. And I don't say this lightly. I feel there is something to be learned from absolutely every woman I meet. Our stories, ambitions, triumphs, tribulations, creativity, and connectedness.

I am the woman that I am because of the village of women that support and inspire me. Especially the profiled women over at Self Practice - this space is a dedication to them, their journeys and their respective practices/views on wellness - it really enables them to become their own wellness expert and be the author of their own routine, to be in permanent self-discovery.


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