Katra Awad

Self-taught jewelry designer, film photographer, and printmaker Katra Awad has a background as rich in culture as it is in love. Born of Egyptian and Hispanic parents and raised throughout Southern California, Mexico, and Europe - she is currently creating in California, designing jewelry while ensuring her mission doesn't stray from that of its origin: to express and heal through her art.

Katra Awad for Solare

Our shop muse, Georgia O’Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity - how important is self-care for supporting your creativity in work and personal life?

So essential - It has become a new routine with my lifestyle. I feel present, I feel more at peace and spiritually centered when I make time to nourish my well-being. When I feel energized, I can enjoy the creative process. My work tends to be a reflection of that energy. I’m learning to love myself in every sense truly.
Katra Awad for Solare

Can you speak to the importance of recharging in your daily life and tell us your go-to self-care rituals?

I am a people pleaser by nature, so I am prone to overworking and putting others needs before my own, in the past its lead me feeling exhausted. It's important to remember to love yourself, take breaks and allow moments of solitude. I remind myself that self-love is a foundation and I can continue to be selfless in a beautiful way while maintaining a balance.

I find happiness in simple rituals like deep breathing, making tea in the morning, asking someone how their day is going, affirmations, night hiking in nature, camping, taking a warm bath full of jasmine flowers, singing, lighting a candle, saying a prayer and reflecting on my day with gratitude.

Katra Awad for Solare Woman
What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?

My mother and my aunt Majika inspire me with their strength, outlook and unconditional love. They both followed their passions around the world and fought vigorously for their health in later years. My mom is a cancer survivor, and my aunt healed herself through years of dance and yoga after falling off a waterfall and becoming paralyzed. Though they were both faced with these experiences, they remained hopeful, compassionate and grateful. I am very thankful to have been raised by such strong women.


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