Kate Brien Kitz

New York-born and California raised, stylist Kate Brien spends her time lately awaiting the arrival of her new son. In their 1920's beach house they have made a home where self-care is front and center with muted tones, lots of texture, their favorite belongings, and space for rest and recoup.
Read further as she shares on her inspiration carrying her into motherhood and how she cares for her evolving body and self!

Kate Brien Kitz for Solare

Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity?

Self-care has always been really important to me but has become increasingly more important since I got pregnant. Being a freelancer, work takes a lot of self-discipline and I find that I am most thoughtful when I have a schedule and when everything feels in balance - for me this means spending time nurturing myself while also taking care of business.

Kate Brien Kitz 

On the verge of motherhood, how do you take time to nurture yourself? Can you tell us some of your daily rituals?  

I try to meditate as often as possible, sometimes this is every morning and sometimes it’s just a few days a week. I usually practice transcendental meditation or, if I’m short on time, I will just take a few minutes to close my eyes, breathe, listen to the sounds around me and practice gratitude, which helps ground me before the day begins (and deal with some of the more stressful or uncomfortable parts of pregnancy). Then I either walk or do Pilates just to get my body moving which usually stimulates my mind as well as my endorphins.

Kate Brien Kitz

KB: I dry brush once a day, either before my morning shower or in the evening, when I take a magnesium bath. Dry brushing is great for circulation and apparently helps with cellulite and stretch marks which are common in pregnancy, and the magnesium is a natural way to calm the body - this helps with sleep which can become increasingly difficult the bigger our bellies get. After bathing I apply oil all over my body, my favorite is Everyday Oil, and spend a few minutes massaging my face with a jade roller. This helps with puffiness and water retention, and honestly just feels so good! 

Kate Brien Kitz #solarewoman 

What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?  

My mother passed away when I was 23, and she is my greatest inspiration. She had both her yoga and massage degrees but spent most of her life working with battered women and children at the Southern California Counseling Center and A Window Between Worlds, two amazing non-profits here in Los Angeles.

She was such a strong woman and she always stressed the importance of self-care, getting weekly massages and making sure that she moved her body every single day. She started my sister and I meditating when we were just little girls - she would lay us in her bed and play shamanic chanting music while guiding us in a relaxing meditation. Only now that I’m becoming a mother do I realize how special this was, and how deeply it has influenced my own views on intentional living.


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