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You probably recognize her as Jackie O. from The Crown, or from the hit show Rellik - but we know Jodi Balfour as the loveable South-African native turned Californian with a knack for beautiful design and showing us the beauty of the West Coast. We got a peek into her rituals (or rather, non-rituals), and how she practices self-care while filming.

Jodi Balfour for Solare

What does self-care mean to you - how do you practice self-care?

Self-care means paying attention to what’s going on in my brain and my body and trying to self-soothe rather than seek solutions outside of myself. 

I’ve been learning and developing tools that I know help me find a sense of spaciousness, ease, and calm… states of being that are less and less easy for me. I start from a place of self-awareness and then try to treat myself the way I would a dear friend. Gently, generously and with a little bit of discipline.

Jodi Balfour for Solare

What women inspire strength, creativity, and/or intentional living to you and why? 

I don’t really have huge heroes but - more and more - people are where I find inspiration. Right now I’m on a big Esther Perel kick. I’m always on a Tilda Swinton kick. I’m endlessly moved by Helen Frankenthaler. I consistently turn to the words of Pema Chodron.

And, more than anything, I’m inspired by some of my closest friends… the newest of which is Jacqui Lewis of 'The Broad Place' who demonstrates the most beautiful, accessible way to live with intention, strength, and creativity. 

"I start from a place of self-awareness and then try to treat myself the way I would a dear friend. Gently, generously and with a little bit of discipline." 

Jodi Balfour wears M. Hisae for Solare

Jodi wears the Figure Ring from the shop


Auditions, traveling, learning new roles - what are some ways you live intentionally at home and abroad? Do you have a ritual you keep no matter where you are to help keep you balanced?

It’s becoming frighteningly apparent that I should! I learned Vedic meditation a few years ago and that’s about the closest thing to a real ritual I practice but I am lazy and noncommittal about it.

The way I live and work and travel for work at the moment is a little more haphazard than I wish, but I always allow myself a slow, quiet morning. I sip on coffee in bed, usually playing with and snuggling my dog, and I read something. But my fail-safe grounding ritual, no matter where I am or how manic things feel, is to cook myself something nourishing, or make myself a hot cup of herbal tea and sink into the couch and read a great novel. That’s portable bliss.  

 Actress Jodi Balfour for Solare

What does a day-off look like for you?
Coffee in bed, a hike or yoga, spending time with friends, and great food and wine.
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