Japanese Tea Ceremony at Solare

On a warm Saturday afternoon in May, several friends and a few new friends made their way into the shop to sit cross-legged on a navy cloth-laden pouf to observe a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
Sand Springs native by way of Japan, Yumie Farringer began the ceremony with quiet meditative music, then gave guests a brief verbal history of the importance of the ceremony and tea within Japanese culture. 
Guests sat in stillness as we all watched Yumie move melodically through the motions of the ceremony - from pouring the water to preparing the bamboo tools used for the tea, then onto sifting the tea and pouring. Every motion was filled with such intention you couldn't help but remain totally and utterly present.
Afterward, Yumie helped us create our own tea using bamboo whisks and our one-of-a-kind Matcha bowls made special for the event by Nancy Kwon. Sweet wagashi was passed around as guests remarked on the specialty of this event.
Please enjoy a few photos from our extraordinary afternoon. 
Blakely + Angela