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Photographer and co-founder of Mercado Sagrado, Heather Culp is living out our mission of strength and creativity by way of self-care. Finding home in Topanga Canyon after living off-grid in Taos, and then Brooklyn - she took a minute to share with us how she views self-care, clean-living, and keeps inspired by her muses. 

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Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity? 

Well, I have to say that I was still very creative when I was younger, living in NYC and not really taking the best care of myself…however, I didn’t understand then yet the consequence of pushing myself so hard. So I would say that now it is definitely very important to my process — I am so much happier and healthier creating from a space of peace and joy which for me comes from making self-care, in its various forms, a priority.    

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Can you speak to the importance of living intentionally and share with us your daily rituals?

We live in a culture full of energetic clutter and distraction so as Americans I think we have to make even more of a point to recharge daily - at the very least to counter the environmental disturbances and at the best to truly nourish ourselves on all levels.

When at home in the canyon I hike with my dog first thing in the morning. The beauty of the landscape is soothing and it’s grounding to connect with the earth’s frequency by being barefoot or wearing shoes that have soles made of natural materials like leather.

I have a meditation practice — ideally 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon, but at least once. Swimming in the ocean or surfing always feels amazing, plus sun exposure is vital. We’ve been taught to fear the sun but in ancient cultures such as Greek and Egyptian, heliotherapy was practiced for healing and wellness.

And then really just practicing awareness around what I eat and drink — I take ocean minerals each day along with some adaptogens and do my best to drink pure water and eat clean foods.

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What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?   
There are so many! Here are two I’ve been blessed to recently work with: 
Joan Ocean —through her work with the dolphins and her books she spreads a needed message of joy and care —care for the planet, the oceans, each other. And although she has said it was outside her comfort zone, she spearheaded a successful lawsuit against the US Navy who was testing oceanic frequency weapons in Hawaii to the great detriment and death of many dolphins and whales. 
Olympia Auset —she founded her non-profit, SÜPRMARKT at age 24 and is doing an amazing job making low-cost organic food available to those in need and raising awareness about food deserts. She’s brave enough to approach controversial topics such as social engineering — IE that many of the unjust cultural constructs we’re living with were purposeful and how we can work positively shift them.
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