Emma Allen

Emma Allen has opened our eyes to a more refined take on natural beauty; one that appeals to everyone and relies on but one jar of miracle oil.
Read along as she tells us how she keeps a clear mind and spirit as the owner of a quick-growing brand and on the inspiration we share.

Emma Allen by Backyard Bill

Part of the Solare mission is finding abundance in scarcity, whether that means using fewer ingredients in our beauty routines, paring down what’s in our environments, or being thankful/mindful in our days. How do you incorporate simplicity and/or nature into your everyday routine?
Creating Everyday Oil was all about creating simplicity and nature into my daily routine. I try to bring that same energy to other parts of my life, focusing my energy on what's important, being grateful for what I have, and not cluttering my mind, body, and environment.  


What woman inspires strength, creativity, and/or intentional living to you and why? 

Georgia O'Keefe was such a beautiful embodiment of strength, creativity, and intentional living. I am inspired by her work, her desert, her home, the way she lived so simply and yet so elegantly. I feel so inspired by her and feel a kinship with her. My grandmother has always loved her, and it was sweet to me to realize I share that with her.

Emma Allen of Everyday Oil

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