Chrissy Leavell

With a fondness for vintage garments and mindful production, Chrissy Leavell brought us her line of timeless and well-made Italian silk knits through Une Heures in 2017.
Read on as she shares her take on a minimal, deliberate way of life and how she's woven that into her love of meaningful design.

Chrissy Leavell's home for Solare

Our Signature Solare Candle in Chrissy's lovely home
Our shop muse, Georgia O'Keeffe epitomized our ethos of self-care for strength and creativity. How important is self-care for supporting your creativity and how does that emulate through your label Une Heures?

If I start moving too fast, I'll lose my keys, and chip dishes and get bruises. If there is anything I have learned as I continue to grow, it's to slow down and really see your surroundings. It's confusing how fast people move, and how much talking they do without saying anything at all.

I must get this from my grandmother, Lois - she'd meticulously go about her day, writing down things she saw or heard, storing away her clothing in drawers with tissue paper in between, always mending any of her things and caring for each as her favorite. Everything she had was her favorite, I am an exact rebirth of her. I mend my vintage if anything happens, so it's ready when I want to wear it. I take care of everything I have, which can be consuming, so I don't have much. 

Showering in candlelight, riding public transit and spending time outdoors is my version of self-care. Each of these things takes time, whether you'd like them to or not. My eyes have to travel; I constantly have to study people and different surroundings to be able to understand where I am and why I'm there. 

Chrissy Leavell #solarewoman

CL: Une Heures reflects all of this entirely. This brand is purely from within. I wasn't willing to compromise on quality - 100% silk knitwear was the first idea, and I stuck with it. A large percentage of the consumer population wants new new new, more more more. We forget that we actually want something that will last.

The silk yarn is spun from silkworms and passed along many hands to sculpt into a wearable garment. Every material we've used so far comes straight from the earth. Being eco-friendly is one thing, but we should be friendly to ourselves - let's have less, that is great quality, fit and long-lasting.

Chrissy Leavell's home for Solare

Can you speak to the importance of living intentionally and share with us your daily rituals?

Taking a new route, going somewhere new, watching people, listening to music and letting it affect where you are - feeling, feeling all day long. I also try to brush my teeth three times a day because people notice teeth - they say a lot about you.

Chrissy Leavell #solarewoman

What women inspire strength, creativity, and intentional living to you and why?  

I narrow my focus to women of the 1960's and earlier - for spending time carefully, for speaking with thought and taking control of what little women's rights they had and looking to the up-side. They understood how to feel good from within, and completely embody the allure of being a woman, all kinds of shapes and curves.


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