Caroline Feiffer

Brand designer and co-founder of the multidisciplinary shop/studio with her husband, Tutti Meme, Caroline Feiffer encompasses the art of holistic design and living intentionally. Expecting her first baby, she talked with us about practicing self-care, what's inspiring her, and how she preps for the changing of the seasons. 
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Your apartment, IG feed, and newest site of lovely homewares, Tutti Meme, are all stunningly minimal yet warm, with no unnecessary frills. Is your approach to self-care similar or different?
My approach to self-care is definitely rooted in the same ethos. I believe in calm, natural spaces as being the main factor for a balanced life. I consider self-care within the same sphere, it’s a considered life really - about taking care of what we are given with the magical human body. I believe it’s our responsibility to nourish this as best and naturally as possible, that’s both inside with natural foods as well as outside with calm beautiful surroundings, genuine care products, and body movement.
What’s inspiring you lately, and why? 

I am always inspired by nature & light, organic forms, original design, history & heritage. Building a universe around Tutti Meme has been a dream for some years, we launched a baby step of the site this summer and I am so inspired by all the wonderful things that are going into this, sourcing and creating a platform that’s coherent, inspiring and soothing for home and lifestyle - lately the creation of this really fills me up.

Linen sofa Caroline Feiffer


What are your favorite ways to prep for the changing of the seasons?
I love summer the most and all the magic that comes with that season especially the sunlight, warm and refreshing swims - but when the afternoon light changes and the colors on the leaves transfer into that perfect fall color scale, with warm nuances of reds, yellows and browns it’s just so rewarding as a sign of time to reset from the summer buzz and cuddle up in a sweater with tea, throws, pillows, candles and nourishing warm meals.


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How has motherhood shifted your perception of self-care?

My perception of self-care is still the same but has intensified, I now (even more than before) allow myself some extra self-care time with long hikes, warm baths to soothe body and mind every evening, and get-aways with my husband before we become a family.

I am very into herbal and natural remedies in all ways, I always have been, but even more, now carrying our little girl. I love reading and study in depth about what is good for me and our baby in terms of nourishment throughout my pregnancy, and also post birth with self-care and recovering.

I also practice deep belief in my own intuition, I think this is one of the most important things for all mamas. I think it’s important that we as women are strong and believe in our natural ability of motherhood: we got this! 


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