A Letter from the Owners

You can’t know something before you know it.

Finding balance in the pendulum.

Stones as intention.
Intention as prayer.

Noticing themes,
resonating and repeating messages.

What am I tolerating in my life that goes against my needs?

A constant recommitting to self.

Building my capacity for joy.
Being present with discomfort and pain.

True and necessary affirmations for my authentic self.

You can only do so much inner work rooted in the past;
you’ve got to start doing the outer work in the present.

A self-care checklist.






It was a transformational summer. I turned 40, Blakely got pregnant.

And while we can’t agree on the season -
I long for endless summer,
Blakely’s been counting down to sweater weather since May -
we are both ready for all the newness that lies ahead.

New holiday inventory
New Solare products
New events with women we admire
New ways of giving back

We are also leaning into some exciting things
that we’ll be sharing with all of you very soon.
Meanwhile, we welcome things ramping up a bit
from the lazy daze of summer…

Collectively, we’ve been thinking a lot about knowing what we want
and asking for it.
Reconnecting to the why of what we do.
Committing to our ideas and ourselves.
Recognizing our fears
and doing the damn thing anyway.

We hope you are finding ways to care for, stand up for, and love yourself.

x, Angela + Blakely